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Advanced equipment, quality assurance
Using the most advanced cnc computer numerical control spring forming equipment, can be rolled all kinds of precision springs, the wire into a variety of shapes, and strive to customer satisfaction with the product.
Quality assurance to meet customers
Companies employ technical staff have many years in the peer in the advanced technology, production and management experience, as well as the strict screening of raw materials, which effectively protect the customer's product quality.
With fast response and timely delivery capabilities to meet customers
Factory direct sales model, Division I can provide full-service customers.
To a reasonable price advantage to meet customers
To provide customers with high quality and reasonable prices to value beyond the price.
  • Material slitting machine
  • punch
  • hole puncher
  • Sparks
  • KEYENCE automatic measuring instrument
  • Slow wire cutting machine
  • grinder
  • Drilling machine

Huizhou City, the SHIN CHUAN ELECTRONICS & METAL Co., Ltd., established in October 1997, Taiwan's new full-Enterprise Co., Ltd. invested by the establishment. Taiwan's new full-Yun company was established in June 1978, in the joint efforts of all staff under the operation, in the southern Taiwan's hardware and electronics industry, renowned.

The SHIN CHUAN ELECTRONICS & METAL Co., Ltd. was established in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, the town of Longhu Industrial Zone, due to the expansion of the business, the original plant area is not enough to use, in January 2003 moved to the current Shuizhen town center industrial park, plant area of 7,000 square Foot, construction area of about 10,000 square meters.

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